Case Study:

Speeding up port operations with Eskuad.




Optimizing Ultraport: Container Unloading with Eskuad.

Ultraport is a shipping port operations company that specializes in loading and unloading of containers. They are located in Antofagasta, Chile.

They are in charge of the management and analysis of the unloading operations. They are focused on optimizing times and delivering updates to their clients.

They were interested in Eskuad as a way to digitize and unify the different forms that are completed during the day across teams in order to make real time decisions and deliver updates to clients. Their biggest problem is not being able to deliver information in a timely manner, as a result of inconsistent updates from the field and long times related to consolidating data from various sources.



Poor connectivity.

Laging operational efficiency.

Slow data collection and report generation.

Lost data due to paper forms.

Delayed schedules.

Life in the field is never easy. This is especially true for natural resource companies with field teams operating in extreme conditions due to distance, climate and connectivity. All of these take a toll on operational efficiency— especially data collection and report generation.

Ultraport operations has had to rely heavily on paper based workflows. Each shift required the completion of 3 different paper forms. The time required to complete these forms is around 50 min per day with another 30 min required for digitizing that days results and sending it by email. That's 80 min per shift filling out and sending forms, and with 3 shifts per day that’s about 240 min or 4 hours per day just filling out and sending forms. The reliance on these paper based processes to track its operations limited its ability to improve the company’s operational efficiency and gain insight into the daily activities around the port. Not to mention problems such as regular delays in collecting reports from the various shifts, errors on the paperwork, and sometimes even lost paperwork and records.



Eskuad’s mobile app let Ultraport to receive information in real time. This has been vital for decision making and now enabled them to deliver updates to clients faster.

They also no longer have to reenter the data twice from their paper records since these reports are generated automatically at the end of each shift. It has made it much easier for field teams to enter data during their shifts in real time. This has led to huge improvements in optimizing time.

They use the following Eskuad features as a part of their new workflow to optimize their operations. 

  • Instant report generation with custom variables.
  • Easily create and customize forms.
  • Quick communication with the field.
  • Easily validate information collected.
  • Conditional forms based on real time data.
  • Crew and ship management.
  • Photographic backups.

Being able to digitize and unify the different forms they use has helped them optimize processes and improve the quality of their reporting. It allows field operators to focus on their work by only having to enter information during their shifts, and enables supervisors to update clients faster.

Now after implementing Eskuad it has helped them:

  • Increase delivery speed.
  • Unify different activities in a single report per team.
  • Support the operations of each shift and task with real time updates.
  • Easily customize and use forms.
  • The ability to expand the digitizing process to different departments.

After Eskuad, they were able to reduce the time required to complete paperwork from 50 min to 40 min and completely eliminated the 30 min needed to digitize the data and send reports. Reducing a 80 min process to 40 min.

Across all 3 shifts this is a 120 min reduction per day, or 60 hours less time spent over the course of a month. Overall this is decrease of 50% of the time required to complete these necessary workflows.


50% time savings

per month in paperwork and report generation.


60 hours saved

per month in man-hours.

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