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Eskuad’s Mobile Form Field Data Platform: A Solution for Every Business

Eskuad offers a versatile range of functions and features in its field data platform, each designed to cater to different organizational needs and sizes. While the number of users each version of the software supports is flexible, the true distinction between the tiers of Ekuad’s field service management software lies in the functionality and advanced features each tier provides. Whether you want to enhance simple data collection processes or require advanced data management and automation capabilities, Eskuad's tiered solutions are tailored to elevate your operational efficiency and workflow management.

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Mobile Form Building Solutions From Eskuad

Eskuad's Mobile Form Building Solutions offer streamlined and intuitive tools for efficient form creation, customization, and deployment. Simplify your data collection processes with our user-friendly platform.

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First Skuad

Eskuad's First Skuad is ideal for small teams, typically around five members, and independent contractors looking for a powerful, no-cost solution to enhance their field operations, making it particularly beneficial for contractors who can derive significant value without expense, making it an excellent choice for those just starting or operating on tight budgets.

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Pro Skuad

Pro Skuad is ideally suited for groups of three or more requiring sophisticated data handling and integration features. This is invaluable for teams that need to automate the creation of custom reports for immediate sharing with external parties like auditors, clients, or government bodies. It is equally beneficial for solo users seeking to professionalize their output with custom report designs that include specific structures, logos, and more.


Enterprise Skuads

Enterprise Skuads incorporates all the advanced features in Pro Skuad with additional enhancements tailored for large organizations requiring priority support and advanced functionalities. It's the ideal choice for businesses seeking to scale operations, enhance efficiency, and manage extensive teams with complex requirements.

Maximizing Efficiency With Eskuad's Fieldwork Solutions

Eskuad's suite of field operations automation tools revolutionizes operations, offering multifaceted benefits to businesses. By streamlining data collection through digital forms, facilitating real-time communication among field teams, and automating workflow, Eskuad optimizes efficiency and collaboration. Its workflow automation capabilities reduce administrative costs and enhance productivity by saving time on each task. Moreover, Eskuad's Magiksync functionality ensures seamless data synchronization, even in remote areas with poor connectivity, empowering field operatives to work uninterrupted.  Beyond financial gains, Eskuad significantly reduces noncompliance issues by ensuring regulatory adherence and providing comprehensive audit trails with contextual supporting information. Additionally, Eskuad enhances leadership logistics by offering real-time visibility into field activities, enabling informed decision-making and resource allocation. With its innovative solutions, Eskuad elevates operational efficiency and drives sustainable business growth.


Explore our collection of case studies to discover how individuals are harnessing the power of Eskuad's Platform to craft personalized Field Data Solutions that meet their unique needs.


Eskuad has become our most valuable tool for field operations. It’s easy to use for the whole team, and has helped us eliminate paper, digitize our data, and reduce transcription errors. We have used it to measure and manage the productivity, safety, and data of our field operators

Eskuad has simplified our administrative work and has made it easier to send information to our clients on time. Our field crews have reduced their reporting and processing time by 66% and have reported huge improvements in their productivity and mood.

Eskuad is the most user-friendly system. When work gets stressful, having an easy to use system for collecting data and reports in an organized way is very helpful. It helps me get the useful insights I need about the work carried out in the field.

Streamline your Field Operations with our Field Data Platform

First Skuad


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Try out all of Eskuad's essential features. Great for getting started or for small, simple teams. 

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Enterprise Skuads

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Perfect for large teams that need priority support and premium features

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