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Eskuad's Field Data Platform: Skuad Pro

Skuad Pro, an upgrade from First Skuad, offers unlimited custom mobile forms from our online Form Builder, enabling your teams to capture all necessary data without restrictions. This feature of our field service management software allows you to design and deploy as many forms as required, catering to diverse project needs across different locations and departments. Whether you're tracking detailed project progress, conducting extensive surveys, or collecting compliance-related information, the ability to create unlimited forms ensures that your data collection is never compromised.


Advantages of Using Skuad Pro Form Builder


Advantages of Using Skuad Pro Form Builder

Pro Skuad builds upon the offerings of First Skuad, including unlimited custom forms, enhanced teamwork capabilities, advanced workflow features, and access to customizable reports. These additions ensure that teams enjoy more sophisticated collaboration and data management tools, allowing seamless integration and customization to suit specific operational needs. This seamless integration makes Pro Skuad ideal for medium—to large-sized teams looking to optimize their field data collection and reporting processes.

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Unlimited Custom Forms

Pro Skuad offers unlimited custom forms, allowing teams to create as many tailored forms as needed. This feature is crucial for capturing a wide array of data types and formats necessary for comprehensive analysis and reporting, suitable for complex projects involving multiple data points and stakeholders.


Advanced Teamwork Features

This tier introduces advanced teamwork features facilitating sophisticated team collaboration and role-based access control. Users can manage different teams, each with specific access to forms, reports, and tasks, enabling customized operational flows within larger organizations. This segmentation ensures that each team can operate independently while maintaining oversight and integration under one organizational umbrella.


Advanced Workflow Features

Pro Skuad enhances operational efficiency with advanced workflow automation. Workflows are triggered by specific events within forms, automating the progression of tasks and reducing the need for manual intervention, which speeds up operations and ensures accuracy and consistency in task execution.


Access to Customizable Reports

With Pro Skuad, teams gain access to customizable report templates that allow for data aggregation from multiple forms into a single, organized report. These templates are designed to be flexible, support various data visualization needs, and can be tailored to specific organizational requirements, making it easier to analyze and share insights with stakeholders.

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Premium Support

Subscribers to Pro Skuad receive premium support, ensuring any queries or issues are promptly addressed. This level of support is essential for teams relying heavily on the Eskuad platform to manage their field operations, as it minimizes downtime and enhances user experience.

Successful Teamwork Collaboration in Field Operations With Skuad Pro

Effective teamwork is crucial for the success of field operations. Eskuad's Skuad Pro version of our field service management software introduces advanced teamwork features that facilitate better collaboration among team members. These features support real-time communication, task delegation, and progress tracking, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed. Skuad Pro helps streamline operations and improve overall productivity by enhancing how team members work together.

Foundation From First Skuad

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Intuitive Form Builder

Streamlines the creation of forms for various data collection needs.


Basic Reports Access

Enables quick decision-making with easily configurable reports.


Free Templates

Provides a variety of templates to expedite form and report setup.

Two workers out in the field.

Experience Streamlined Processes With Advanced Workflow Features

With Skuad Pro, you can access advanced workflow software features that automate and optimize your operational processes. These features enable the automation of repetitive tasks such as data routing and approval processes, significantly reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of errors. These workflow automation enhancements ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and information flows seamlessly across the organization, leading to quicker decision-making and increased operational agility.

Access to Customizable Reports for In-Depth Analysis

Skuad Pro goes beyond basic reporting by offering customizable reports that adapt to your specific analytical needs. With access to databases and customized templates, you can structure your reports to focus on the information that matters most to your operations. Whether you need to aggregate data from multiple forms or format a report for specific stakeholders, Skuad Pro's flexible reporting tools provide the control and customization required to generate meaningful insights. This capability allows you to effectively present your data to drive business decisions and strategies.


Upgrading Field Operations With Skuad Pro’s Advanced Tools

Skuad Pro from Eskuad addresses the growing needs of sophisticated field operations. By offering unlimited custom forms, advanced teamwork and workflow features, and customizable reports, Skuad Pro ensures that your field services teams have the tools they need to succeed. This enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your data collection methods and processing and fosters a collaborative and agile work environment. Upgrade to Skuad Pro and optimize your field operations, boosting efficiency, fostering collaboration, and driving productivity. Contact us today to realize the full potential of your field services.


Explore our collection of case studies to discover how individuals are harnessing the power of Eskuad's Platform to craft personalized Field Data Solutions that meet their unique needs.


Eskuad has become our most valuable tool for field operations. It’s easy to use for the whole team, and has helped us eliminate paper, digitize our data, and reduce transcription errors. We have used it to measure and manage the productivity, safety, and data of our field operators

Eskuad has simplified our administrative work and has made it easier to send information to our clients on time. Our field crews have reduced their reporting and processing time by 66% and have reported huge improvements in their productivity and mood.

Eskuad is the most user-friendly system. When work gets stressful, having an easy to use system for collecting data and reports in an organized way is very helpful. It helps me get the useful insights I need about the work carried out in the field.

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