How Does Eskuad’s Form Builder Work?

Eskuad is a game-changer for field operations, leveraging advanced technology to optimize supply chain processes, even in areas without internet connectivity. Our user-friendly no-code platform enables field workers to access real-time data, collaborate effectively, and automate workflows by allowing users to design forms without technical expertise on their phones. Eskuad's Magiksync technology ensures seamless data synchronization, even in remote areas with poor connectivity, preserving battery life and promoting efficiency.

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How Form Building Works

A form builder is a digital tool that allows users to create, customize, and manage fillable forms for collecting data without needing advanced technical knowledge. Using an online form builder enables organizations to gather structured information efficiently and ensure data accuracy through features like mandatory fields and validation rules. By digitizing data collection, utilizing a forms builder streamlines processes and reduces the reliance on paper forms.

The Problem: Challenges of Field Services in Remote Areas

Field service operators often work in remote areas where reliable internet connectivity is scarce or non-existent, making it essential for their tools to function offline. Many companies provide their teams with software for field service management or digital forms, but the effectiveness of these tools in offline modes can vary significantly.

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Inadequacies of Traditional Offline Data Handling

One standard method of handling offline data is to store it locally and upload it when connectivity is restored. However, this approach can lead to issues such as incomplete data transmission, battery drain, and system crashes if the connection is unstable. Another method requires users to manually sync their data when they find a stable connection, which can be impractical given field personnel's constant movement and busy schedules.

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Inefficiencies of Manual Data Syncing in Field Operations

These traditional offline data collections often fall short, leading to inefficiencies and added stress for field operators. This ineffective way of syncing underscores the need for a more reliable and seamless solution for managing offline data synchronization.


The Solution: Eskuad’s Field Data Platform and Magiksync

Eskuad addresses the limitations of traditional and other mobile forms apps by offering a finite solution for field operations. Eskuad’s Form Builder allows users to easily create custom forms and automate workflows, ensuring accurate data collection methods even in remote locations. The platform's Magiksync technology ensures seamless data synchronization regardless of connectivity, preserving battery life and eliminating manual syncing; this makes Eskuad the ideal choice for enhancing productivity, ensuring compliance, and streamlining operations in challenging remote or challenging environments.

How Form Building Works With Eskuad

Eskuad revolutionizes field data collection tools with its intuitive Form Builder. This tool allows users to create custom digital forms tailored to specific needs, incorporating various field types. The drag-and-drop interface makes form creation straightforward, enabling users to design forms efficiently without needing advanced technical skills. Eskuad's Form Builder ensures data accuracy through features like mandatory fields and validation rules, significantly reducing errors and improving the quality of data collection methods. This platform integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, enabling real-time data collection and synchronization, even in remote areas with poor connectivity.

Creating Forms and Using Field Types

Creating forms in Eskuad is straightforward and highly customizable. The platform offers a range of field types to accurately collect data information, such as check marks, numeric fields for quantitative data, text fields, single and multiple-choice fields, date and time selectors, picture fields, signature fields, QR codes, and readable text. Users can add these fields by selecting them from the available options and providing titles and descriptions for each field. Users can review and save the form, making it accessible for future use and editing.

Organizing Sections in Eskuad Forms

Sections in Eskuad forms function like groupings of related fields, similar to sections on a paper form. This organization helps structure the data collection techniques logically, ensuring all related information is captured simultaneously. Users can create sections to categorize data, making the form easier to navigate and fill out. This feature is handy for complex forms that require detailed and organized data input.

Managing and Utilizing Completed Forms

Completed forms in Eskuad can be accessed and managed efficiently. Each time a form is complete, an email with a spreadsheet containing the data is automatically sent to the user. Users can search and filter completed forms within the platform by form name, field name, and date range, making it easy to find specific records. This functionality ensures that data is always accessible and quickly retrieved for reporting or further analysis.

Leveraging Data Sources

Data sources in Eskuad are lists of items used in single- and multiple-choice fields across multiple forms. This feature saves time by maintaining consistency in form choices and ensuring that updates to data sources are automatically reflected in all forms. Creating and managing data sources is straightforward, with options to add or modify new items, ensuring that all forms remain up-to-date with the latest information.

Database Templates and Customized Templates

Eskuad provides reporting capabilities through its database and customized templates. Database templates organize data in a continuous format, such as an Excel sheet, where each row represents a completed form. Customized templates allow users to design reports with specific layouts, placing data fields in precise locations within a template. This flexibility enables users to create detailed and professional reports for internal analysis or external presentation.

Eskuads Forms Repository Feature 

Eskuad's Forms Repository feature is a significant time-saver, offering access to industry-standard forms customized to fit specific needs. This repository eliminates the need to create form templates from scratch, allowing users to focus on their core responsibilities. The budget-friendly repository requires no additional implementation costs and supports rapid turnaround times from ideation to deployment. Thanks to Eskuad's intuitive interface, users can customize forms without coding knowledge, ensuring that the platform is accessible to all team members.

Streamlining Reporting With Eskuad

Eskuad's Form Builder simplifies data collection and significantly streamlines the reporting process. The platform's real-time photo editing and annotation capabilities allow users to capture and edit photos on the spot, integrating them directly into reports, eliminating manual photo editing, and ensuring that reports are comprehensive and accurate. By automating workflows and report generation, Eskuad saves time and effort, allowing field operators to focus on their core tasks and deliver timely, detailed reports.


How Eskuad’s MagikSync Works

Magiksync is a testament to our commitment to secure and innovative field operations solutions. With Magiksync, we push the boundaries of field operations technology, driving advancements that streamline workflows and improve productivity.

Reliable Performance in Remote Locations

Eskuad's MagikSync functionality ensures seamless operation regardless of internet connectivity. This feature allows field operatives to continue their work without interruption, even in remote locations with poor connectivity. MagikSync optimizes battery usage and ensures data syncs when conditions are optimal, eliminating manual syncing.

Intelligent Syncing

MagikSync intelligently decides when to sync data based on connectivity and file size. Smaller files are synced even with low connectivity, while larger files wait until a connection is available. Intelligent syncing prevents battery drain and ensures data integrity.

Uninterrupted Workflow

With MagikSync, engineers and field operatives can focus on tasks without worrying about connectivity issues. The system handles data synchronization in the background, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and accessible once a connection is re-established.

Seamless Offline Functionality

Eskuad's platform works efficiently in any condition. Field operators can use the platform to collect and manage data without worrying about connectivity. The data collected is stored locally and synced automatically when the device reconnects to the internet.


Choose Eskuad's Field Data Platform for Your Field Operations

Eskuad revolutionizes field operations with its intuitive Form Builder and MagikSync technology. The platform allows for seamless data collection and workflow management, even in remote areas with poor connectivity. Its user-friendly interface enables quick creation and customization of forms, while MagikSync ensures reliable data synchronization without draining battery life. Eskuad's ability to operate offline, with real-time data access and automatic report generation, makes it an indispensable tool for enhancing productivity, ensuring compliance, and streamlining operations in any field environment. Choose Eskuad to transform and elevate your field operations.


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Eskuad has become our most valuable tool for field operations. It’s easy to use for the whole team, and has helped us eliminate paper, digitize our data, and reduce transcription errors. We have used it to measure and manage the productivity, safety, and data of our field operators

Eskuad has simplified our administrative work and has made it easier to send information to our clients on time. Our field crews have reduced their reporting and processing time by 66% and have reported huge improvements in their productivity and mood.

Eskuad is the most user-friendly system. When work gets stressful, having an easy to use system for collecting data and reports in an organized way is very helpful. It helps me get the useful insights I need about the work carried out in the field.

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