Case of Success:

Streamlining Operations in Forestry


How a Logging Company Used Eskuad to Reduce Costs by 25 Percent!


Company Overview

Life in the field is never easy. This is especially true for natural resource companies with field teams operating in extreme conditions. Distance, climate, and connectivity take a toll on operational efficiency—especially data collection and report generation.

This small Forestry company is a global provider of eucalyptus globulus wood chips and pulp to cellulose producers. Its plantations are located in the Llanquihue and Osorno provinces in the Los Lagos Region of Chile.

Generating timely reports from the field is critical to their natural resource management operations—from streamlining task management and fieldwork, to monitoring inventory control, maintaining equipment, and increasing team morale.


The Challenge

This company needed a cost-effective field data platform that could help:

Track field team progress to decrease resource consumption

Improve inventory to proactively manage client accounts.

Reduce personnel hours dedicated to report generation.

The field teams relied on WhatsApp for digital imaging and paper notes to record data used for daily monitoring and risk assessment. Data delays from the field slowed decision-making on logging operations, resource allocation, and client needs from daily to a monthly basis. This delay made it difficult to generate coherent, timely reports used in auditing, field operations assessments, and inventory.


The Solution

Eskuad’s platform enabled this customer to streamline its day-to-day forest operations, inventory control, and client management in addition to realizing substantial cost savings and reducing man-hours dedicated to data collection and report generation associated with audit, incident, and inventory control. Using Eskuad forms and Eskuad data reports allows loggers to enter and store field data on-site and automatically generate reports when an Internet connection is available, even if it is unreliable. These results and ease of use prompted the company to expand the use of the Eskuad platform to improve silviculture activities, herbicide application, greenhouse cultivation, and log scaling.


25% savings

in annual operation costs.


20% savings

In yearly tasks representing 2,000 hours and $11,500.


4,076 fewer hours

in field operations equivalent to 32 full-time loggers and surveyors.


30 to 1 reduction

in the number of contractor days required to generate field reports by eliminating duplicate paperwork.


4,000 fewer hours

required for inventory tracking for an annualized savings of $23,000.

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