Build mobile forms and workflows that work in any condition

Build custom forms and workflows to collect data in the field. Eskuad captures data regardless of connectivity, without draining your battery.

No credit card needed  ✦  Unlimited time in free plan.
Eskuad Field Software Solutions
Eskuad field forms and workflows

Avoid fines and non-compliance

Ensure the safety of your workforce and protect your assets while ensuring the quality and compliance of your processes – all within one field software solution as many others are doing.

Effortlessly adapt to field operations

Seamlessly work in any location regardless of connectivity

Gain access to timely data for swift decision-making

Supported by an unparalleled support squad

No credit card needed  ✦  Unlimited time in free plan.

Transform your company's efficiency with Eskuad's field software

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Eskuad Form Builder

Build forms in minutes

The Eskuad app has an intuitive UI that allows you to easily create any type of digital form you need on your phone or computer, no technical skills required.

No credit card needed  ✦  Unlimited time in free plan.

Create workflows and assign tasks

Create templates and custom workflows that automatically assign work to another team member or flag for executive approvals, and more.

Eskuad adapts to the way you already work so you can seamlessly transition into digitizing operations.

No credit card needed  ✦  Unlimited time in free plan.
Eskuad Field Task Manager

Workers collect data in the field, regardless of connectivity.

Create and access digital forms, directly from the field with a simple UI designed for easy field operation that reduces transcription errors.

Eskuad supports manual data entry as well automatic data collection from GPS information, photo uploads, and more.

No credit card needed  ✦  Unlimited time in free plan.
Eskuad Mobile Field Forms
Eskuad Fast Field Reports

Automatically generate reports from all your data.

Eskuad automatically generates reports from the data your team collects. Anything you can create in a spreadsheet or BI tool, you can create in Eskuad.

No credit card needed  ✦  Unlimited time in free plan.

Our customers love us!

Eskuad has become our most valuable tool for field operations. It’s easy to use for the whole team, and has helped us eliminate paper, digitize our data, and reduce transcription errors. We have used it to measure and manage the productivity, safety, and data of our field operators

Eskuad has simplified our administrative work and has made it easier to send information to our clients on time. Our field crews have reduced their reporting and processing time by 66% and have reported huge improvements in their productivity and mood.

Eskuad is the most user-friendly system. When work gets stressful, having an easy to use system for collecting data and reports in an organized way is very helpful. It helps me get the useful insights I need about the work carried out in the field.

Success Stories With Eskuad

  • Ultraport

  • Badinotti

  • Pandolfi Price

  • Lopmann

  • Agunsa

  • Eucalyptus Forestry

Eskuad Shipping Operations Forms
Industry: Port Operations

The Ultraport Story

Ultraport is a shipping port operations company operating all across Chile. In Antofagasta, they use Eskuad to support their specialized field ops team that works in container loading and unloading. 

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Eskuad Marine Forms
Industry: Marine

The Badinotti Group Story

Milan-based Badinotti Group has manufactured nets for the aquaculture and fishing industries for more than a century. In 2001, Badinotti expanded operations to the city of Puerto Montt, Chile, establishing itself as the leading manufacturer of nets in South America.

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Eskuad Forms for Wineries
Industry: Winery

The Pandolfi Price Story

Pandolfi Price is an organic winery located in Santa Inés in southern Chile, dedicated to using sustainable viticulture practices to produce its world-class, artisanal wines. This family-owned vineyard hand-harvests grapes with minimal intervention and integrates a mix of stewardship practices including, water conservation technology and solar energy, to decrease its carbon footprint.

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Eskuad forms for quality inspections
Industry: Construction

The Lopmann Story

Lopmann is a small company based in Santiago, Chile, providing advisory services in Formwork and Scaffolding Management to the construction industry. They assist their clients in efficiently managing their teams and equipment while reducing potential loss and damages. 

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Eskuad forms for shipping operations
Industry: Port Operations

The Agunsa Story

Agunsa is a large shipping operations company that has been serving Chile as a port agent since 1960. They specialize in logistics and distribution services, serve shipping companies and airlines, and administrate multiple ports and airports.

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Eskuad forms for forestry
Industry: Forestry

The Eucalyptus Forestry Story

This small Forestry company is a global provider of eucalyptus globulus wood chips and pulp to cellulose producers. Its plantations are located in the Llanquihue and Osorno provinces in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. 

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