Silvicultural Activities

Eskuad’s benefits for silvicultural activities

Eskuad is the ideal task management tool for distributed workforce, easily and efficiently.

Report tasks through our app, even if you don’t have internet access!

Thanks to Eskuad, distributed workforce can visit different areas and send customized reports, through an Android device. In case of not having internet access, the user can still work on the reports as smoothly as any other time, and the device will synchronize once an internet connection is detected.

All the information in only on place!

With our reports builder you can customize reports. As you are not limited by paper’s limitations, you can easily add photographs, GPS, selectors, validations, among others.
Don’t you know how to do it? We can teach you!

Keep control of your operations easily.

Thanks to our assignment module, you can choose each member of your team for each task, place, time and activity to perform. You can monitor their performance easily, with our web panel.

Customized reports

Each time a report is sent through Eskuad’s app, it builds automatically a PDF document with the data collected from the task. With our help, you can build customized reports with that data, so you can deliver different levels of information for the different management levels.

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