For the ones who believe every work can be simpler...

Life in the field has never been easy. Extreme conditions due to distance, climate, connectivity and the need to redo all the work done (among other things), often make you feel lonely. In operations centers there are also problems because, to make decisions in time, information on the tasks’ progress, knowing the location of who is outside in areas without internet service or building tedious reports is not always easy.

They make you waste time and can quickly lead to a bad day.

We know the technology to solve this already exists. We also know that some tools are very expensive, difficult to understand and use, forbidding fair access for everyone.

Because life in the field is in our DNA, we believe:

  • – That every person should have the opportunity to do their job well, even under adverse conditions.
  • – That simplifying the work of each member of a team is possible.

Through technology, we want to improve the quality of life of each worker, making them happier. We were born in the field, we know the daily pains and problems of each person who is outside or inside an office, that is why we only do things that help them, with the best possible quality and on time.

We design solutions that make people’s work easier, making sure to be a contribution even when they are not connected.
We start each day with the mission of making technological solutions available to anyone, not only in price, but also in the simplicity of its use and its speed to be available, regardless of the size of the company, billing size or geographic scope.

Our rules:

  • – Everything you do, do it for our users. They are part of our family.

  • – No one is going to replace workers or pretend to know how to do what they do best; you have to help them.

  • – If you have to explain it, it’s our mistake. Not all of us have the same understanding of every word and doing it is a difficult art to teach.
  • – We are not heroes, we are people helping people. Do what our users need.

  • – Don’t promise anything we can’t deliver.

  • – We were not born to follow, so be proactive.

  • – If you have doubts, talk about it. The worst question is the one that’s never asked.

  • – Make all decisions based on data. The unforgivable sin is feeling like you know everything.

  • – Never stop believing.

  • – Simplify.

Ours Values


We are brave and bold


We put the best of us in everthing


We are family by choice

Mazel Tov

We are always in time, place and prepared


We are, because you are

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